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Now Appearing in a Family Near You

Our Son Xander - From Taiwan

I'm kyburg and unclejimbo's adopted son - AND I AM HOME!

Mommy says I have a couple of "preferred providers" - in case you're wondering.

Mommy loves Hanna Andersson's clothes for me. She also adores Lucky Brand Jeans for me (and everyone else in the family). Currently, I am nearly 42" tall, wear a 4T in just about everything and like dinosaurs, cars, planes, Spongebob and Pokemon. I'm also in my last year of preschool before starting kindergarden in 2011.
I also have a registry at Amazon.com.

Mommy also says to tell you that my journal is designed to be *very* image-heavy, and largely designed for sharing pictures and news about me. Without any cuts. She says she will work very hard not to allow pictures larger than 500 pixels wide - but to be warned up front, okay?

Nice to meet you!