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Some quick pictures from this summer -

Gosh, he's growing fast. I should check and see how much more than the 4" we clocked at the year mark he's gained. It's all legs and arms!

We also *just* broke the 30 lb. mark.

The family that plays together...you know the rest.

Mom and Xander one morning at the Boone Tavern & Inn in Berea, KY while we were visiting Jim's folks this past June.

This is just before Xander went inside for Anime-Expo in Los Angeles this year - wearing a crown from Burger King and his medal from Soccer Shots as a costume. He had a blast!

He's having a summer of catching fireflies, swinging by himself on the swings at the park, playing on the monkey bars (with only a little spotting) and happily counting groups of anything that go past. Pokemon has him completely in its thrall - but since both of us play it as well, it's no surprise. ^^


Jul. 15th, 2010 07:03 pm (UTC)
Maybe it's the size of the file being transferred over?